Unequal coexistence in  the  North eastern Cerrado (2023)

The municipality of Correntina (Bahia State, Brazil) was long populated by family farmers raising crops in the valleys and transhumant cattle on the plateaus. Since the 1970s, entrepreneurial agriculture has gradually taken over these plateaus. This article aims to study, from a coexistence-based perspective, the links between these two agrarian worlds (opportunity for wage labor, competition for land and irrigation water) which strongly influence agriculture in the valleys. Despite equivalent economic productivity per hectare, due to capital intensification for some and labor intensification for others, a gap in terms of agricultural income now separates the farms on the plateau from those in the valleys.

Keywords: entrepreneurial agriculture, coexistence, monopolization, MATOPIBA, Brazil

Florian Vigroux
Elena Rajaud
Nadège Garambois
Ève Anne Bühler
Pierre Gautreau

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