AGROPOWER explores the effects brougth by the new instruments of environmental regulation of agriculture on the power relations between state, multinational companies and large domestic agricultors, studying the implementation of the reform of the Brazilian Forest Code since 2012. Far from being a simple manifestation of neo-liberalization of nature in the context of globalization, this reform can be interpreted as the consolidation of power by large agricultural producers, in a strategic alliance with the state, relaxing their environmental obligations and emancipating themselves at the same time from the influence of multinational firms, which have dominated the regulation regime of the 1990 decade. Rooted in in the field of governmentality studies, focused on the instrumentation of public policy, this project seeks, through the consolidation of a Franco-Brazilian research partnership , to contribute to the debate on the nature of Latin American neoliberalism..

Período: 2018 – atual
Coordenadora: Prof. Ève-Anne Buhler